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Being European

Being European

Should the individual’s ties with the European Union be considered as functioning on multiple levels, including the individual, familial, generational, regional and national? A deeper sense of exploration is key in a generation’s ability to create and nurture methods of reflecting on the EU.

French secondary school, HAEU educational programme, January 2020.

“The European Union for me is like the moon, visible almost always, always present, it seems to be around you doing nothing important, but in reality it contributes to our well-being by acting directly, without you noticing at once.”

 Italian secondary school, HAEU educational programme, November 2019

What does European Union mean to you?

Killa (psedonym, moon in quechua language), individual photographic project on the​ meaning of living in today’s Europe. Barcelona, August 2016. HAEU, BABE Archival Collection

Belinda (the Netherlands),
Visual representation of multicultural roots. Amsterdam, December 2015. HAEU, BABE Archival Collection

F. (pseudonym), Visual representation of multicultural roots. Stockholm, August 2016. HAEU, BABE Archival Collection